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We offer a bunch of MBA online courses from qualified universities in the UK and study online 100% in Thailand (or wherever you are). See our most valued MBA school online partners that will enhance your knowledge; 

Our online MBA programs are affordable and well-equipped with exclusive curriculums for each university. You will be facing a diversity of subjects for each online MBA for working professionals. 

Every MBA course only takes 1 year (12 months) to study and does NOT require GMAT to apply for a programme. And absolutely, our online MBA schools online are accredited by OCSC ensuring that our MBA online programmes are most qualified by trusted institutes.

study MBA online from douglas business school improves business growth as a team

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University of Bolton, UK

🎓  MBA Online

Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), UK

🎓  MBA Online


🎓  MBA Online in Educational & Leadership Management​

University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), UK

🎓  MBA Online

University of Dundee, UK

🎓 Global MBA Online

University of Technology Malaysia (UTM)

🎓  Professional MBA Online

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Yes. To attend a graduation ceremony, the student needs to make an advance notice to us and pay for your expenses. But we can arrange a flight ticket and accommodation for you.

Not necessarily. Only required 1 year of working experience and can be graduated from any faculty.

Yes, 0% installment payment up to 10 months.

You will receive a tangible graduate certificate from the university and sent to your address.

No exams are required for learning with Douglas Business School. Only assignments are needed.

Only the universities in the UK are accredited by OCSC.