DBA Online - Edgewood College

DBA Online - Edgewood College

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2 Years

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100% Online

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All assignments. No Exams.


Edgewood College, U.S.



Course Review

This Doctor of Education online programme from Edgewood College (U.S.), an independent liberal arts university in Wisconsin, uniquely designed for students to develop their reasoning skills for practical use in order to systematically solve problems in the real business world.

The university is offering a sensationally affordable DBA online course and most qualified educational programme to those senior level professionals.

Additionally, Edgewood College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, one of the seven accrediting commissions recongnised by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) – The premier authority on higher education in the United States.

Entry Requirements

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• Bachelor’s Degree with significant experience or a Master’s Degree

Programme Structure

Common Courses :

• Organisational Development / Behavior (6 weeks)

• CRS / Business Ethics & Sustainability (6 weeks)

• Financial decision-making and value creation (6 weeks)

• Executive supply chain strategy and negotiations (6 weeks)

Research Foundational Course :

• Introduction to Academic Scholarship and Doctoral Studies in Business  (6 weeks)

• Quantitative Analysis 1 : Quantitative Research and Analysis (6 weeks)

• Qualitative Research (6 weeks)

• Quantitative Analysis 2 : Applied Regression Analysis (6 weeks)

Elective Choice :

• Effective Organisational Leadership (6 weeks)

• Leading Change (6 weeks)

• Managerial Economics (6 weeks)

Dissertation Course :

• Research Proposal Writing / Research Practicum (8 weeks)

• Dissertation 1 – Data Collection & Analysis (8 weeks)

• Dissertation 2 – Findings & Conclusion (8 weeks)

• Defense Preparation and Completion (8 weeks)

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What You Will Get from This Course?

This Edgewood College DBA online programme allows you to study at your own convenience and develop your own study schedule while offering opportunities for you to engage with your peers.

The following will be benefits that you will earn from learning with us :

• Course materials : Access structured lecture notes, case studies and assessment materials through a state-of-the-art online Learning Platform (ELP).

• Online webinars : Receive both live and recorded lectures from subject experts.

• A dedicated one-to-one tutor : Receive comprehensive support throughout the course and supervision throughout the dissertation writing process.

• Comprehensive E-library : Read recommended study texts and reference books.

• Access to an international online community : To keep in touch and share with fellow students and lecturers.

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Why DBA Online from Edgewood College?

• Accredited by Higher Learning Commission

• The DBA programme is in candidacy for Association of Collegiate Business School and Programs (ACBSP)

• Course learning will provide mentorship, industry insights, and practical guidance

• No standardised tests required : such as GMAT

• 100% flexible online learning

• Able to use Dr. in the title

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Yes. To attend a graduation ceremony, the student needs to make an advance notice to us and pay for your expenses. But we can arrange a flight ticket and accommodation for you.

Not necessarily. Only required 1 year of working experience and can be graduated from any faculty.

Yes, 0% installment payment up to 10 months.

You will receive a tangible graduate certificate from the university and sent to your address.

No exams are required for learning with Douglas Business School. Only assignments are needed.