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1 Year

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Feb , Jun , Oct

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100% Online

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Flexible Study Time

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All assignments. No Exams.


University of Technology Malaysia (UTM)



Course Review

The Professional MBA online Malaysia from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)* is a one-year Master’s degree program for mid-level and executive managers who possess an undergraduate (business, or non-business with core business area prerequisites) degree.

Designed to provide participants with an in-depth knowledge and skills you require through a combination of MBA online course from Malaysia and practical activities that include hands-on workshops and seminars by industry practitioners.

We combine an academically rigorous curriculum with a learning-by-doing approach facilitated by mentors, peers and industry practitioners.

[*Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) is known as Malaysia’s TOP 5 University in Malaysia]

Entry Requirements

group of businesswomen discuss studying professional MBA online from UTM Malaysia

Applicants should either posseses one of the following Diploma qualifications:

• Professional Diploma/ Executive Diploma/ Diploma and 8 years working experience

• Professional Bachelor/ Executive Bachelor/ Bachelor and 5 years working experience

• Other academic qualification with working experience (subjected to approval by UTMSPACE, School of Professional and Continuing Education)

Programme Structure

• Strategic Management 
• Marketing Innovation
• Business Research
• Corporate Finance 
• Entrepreneurship 
• Organisational Behaviour 
• Project Management
• Human Resource Management 
• Business Ethics
• Economics 
• Master Project 1 
• Master Project 2

What You Will Get from This Course?

This online Master’s degree, Professional MBA online course from Malaysia (UTM) allows you to study at your own convenience and develop your own study schedule while offering opportunities for you to engage with your peers.

The following will be benefits that you will earn from learning with us :

• Course materials : Access structured lecture notes, case studies and assessment materials through a state-of-the-art online Learning Platform (ELP).

• Online webinars : Receive both live and recorded lectures from subject experts.

• A dedicated one-to-one tutor : Receive comprehensive support throughout the course and supervision throughout the dissertation writing process.

• Comprehensive E-library : Read recommended study texts and reference books.

• Access to an international online community : To keep in touch and share with fellow students and lecturers.

a group of people studying professional MBA online from UTM

Why Online Professional MBA from UTM?

This MBA online course from University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) is ready to take you to the next step level of developing your strategic thinking skills and shaping you to grow as a leader in any kind of business industry.

This online MBA from Malaysia consists of wide range of computer science learnings such as Strategic Management, Marketing Innovation, Corporate Finance, and Business Ethics.

We guarantee that our cause can fit your needs with Professional MBA online course from the University of Technology Malaysia.

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